Manufacturer of automotive shock absorbers

Syncronix shock absorbers are made from premium quality materials. This allows for extended life and offers the perfect replacement for original shock absorbers.
Our shock absorbers offer consistent efficiency even on degraded roads for safety and performance.

Our products cover the entire European and Asian vehicle fleet such as VOLKSWAGEN, BMW, CITROËN, RENAULT, PEUGEOT, NISSAN, TOYOTA, HONDA

Delivery in 35 countries in Africa, Middle East, South America and Dom-Tom.

A full range of automotive spare parts

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The entire selection of Syncronix products for the entire European and Asian fleet is now available on TecAlliance TecDoc Inside

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worldwide distribution

Designed in France and manufactured in Europe, we are strategically located to serve you around the world faster.

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All the references of our products are at your fingertips on TecAlliance and the TecDoc catalog recognized for their exceptional reliability and security. Find your products quickly and easily.

quality and performance

Our range of OEM quality products meet the requirements of the entire European and Asian vehicle fleet.

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monday - friday: 09:00–17:00